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Getting Started


Tips to Help You Navigate the New OSLIS 2.0

Updated OSLIS 2.0 Tutorials coming soon.

1. To eliminate double scroll bars, view Gale resources FULL SCREEN.  To do that, use the Open This Resource in a New Window link found towards the top of the Gale screen you open.

2. Monitors set on low resolution may have problems with the site.  You may find that you have to scroll to use the resources as the screen won't fit within the window it is given.  Please set monitors at medium or high resolution or 1024 X 768 minimum.

3. OSLIS 2.0 content focus now is on the student rather than the teacher.  You will find all of the resources from the original OSLIS 2.0 website have been migrated and reorganized.  We have added additional content to cover the full spectrum of a research project.

4. OSLIS 2.0 has the option for you to register for a My Stuff account.  Registration allows you additional capabilities and resources including the ability to create your own folder and store items like citations, images, documents, PPTs, etc. as well as to share them with other users and then access from home, school, etc.  While it is NOT necessary to register to use any of the resources on the OSLIS website, we encourage registration so users can store and share the work related to their research project.

5. PROBLEMS?  You may need to update your bookmarks.  To find something specific on the site, use the SEARCH box at the top right.  We tried to keep file names the same.

6. If you notice any problems, please use the FEEDBACK link on the top right of the screen to report the problem.  Your help with improving the website will be greatly appreciated.

7. OSLIST's announcement archive is found in the Support folder.