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Good research requires a good plan. Plan your search strategy and identify the best sources.

Watch the short overview video, and then visit the "Learn to" box at the right to get started.

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Spanish Resources

Research Planning Sheet   PDF RTF

Boolean Practice     PDF RTF

Call Number    PDF RTF

Call Number Key PDF RTF

Logic Lineup 1     PDF RTF

Logic Lineup 2     PDF RTF

Logic Lineup 1 & 2 Key PDF RTF

Mind Map "How To" Video

Online Research Planner PDF Be sure you PRINT this planner after you enter your answers!  AND before you close it!!!

Reference Roundup     PDF RTF

Reference Roundup Key PDF RTF

Shelving Shakeup    PDF RTF

Shelving Shakeup Key PDF RTF


Primary / Secondary Resources

Primary Resource Research Activities from Newsbank

Resources: Plan

Information Literacy eBooks listed by Research Step

Information Literacy eBooks alphabetical list

Research Videos alphabetical list

Research Videos listed by Research Step

Online Research Planner (worksheet)

Research Process Reflection (guide)

Research Process Rubric (guide)