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Secondary Collaboration

Ideas for secondary collaboration projects

Collaboration Plans and Projects


OSLIS pilots together with teachers at their schools have created powerful projects that teach critical information-literacy skills while at the same time addressing staff development and the curriculum needs of Oregon students. Click the links below to see example collaboration plans and staff and student projects (Rich Text Format). Feel free to adapt these materials for use in your own school.

About Collaboration

Reprinted by permission of Wisconsin Library Association from "Steps to Collaborative Teaching," Rhonda Butt and Christine Jameson, Linking Wisconsin's School Libraries and Classrooms: A Guide for Integrating Information and Technology Literacy, pp. 19-32 © 2000 Wisconsin Library Association.

Collaboration Rubric


Marlene Hagen, Centennial High School

    Collaboration Plan  (hagen_plan.rtf)

Judy Jacoby, South Middle School

    Teacher Library Use Planner  (jacoby_01.rtf)

    Research Plan Sheet  (jacoby_02.rtf)

Allen C. Kopf, Umatilla High School

    Collaboration Plan: Research-Plan Development  (kopf_plan.rtf)

    Agenda for OSLIS Training/Collaboration Workshop (kopf_agenda.rtf)

    Goal and Objectives for OSLIS Training/Collaboration Workshop (kopf_goal.rtf)

    Research Skills (kopf_rskills.rtf)

    Grade   9 - Student Research Scope and Sequence (kopf_gr9srss.rtf)

    Grade 10 - Student Research Scope and Sequence (kopf_gr10srss.rtf)

    Grade 11 - Student Research Scope/Sequence (kopf_gr11srss.rtf)

    Grade 12- Student Research Scope and Sequence (kopf_gr12srss.rtf)

    Implementation for UHS Research Plan (kopf_implement.rtf)

    Suggested Activities (kopf_activity.rtf)

    Concerns (kopf_concerns.rtf)

    Evaluation (kopf_evaluate.rtf)

Katy Lewis, Douglas High School, Winston, OR

    Collaboration Plan (lewis_k_plan.rtf)

Mary McClintock, Roseburg High School, Roseburg SD

    Collaboration Plan - Biology Unit: Genetics (marymc_plan.rtf)

    Genetic Diseases Research Sheet (marymc_biology.rtf)

    Developing Savvy Student Searchers Information Sheet (savvysearchers.rtf)

    RHS Network Online Information Search - Teacher Feedback (teacherfeedbac.rtf)

    BIOLOGY - Smart Searching Library Activity.  Combine these 3 documents

        to make up the activity sheet:

        sciencesearch1.rtf, sciencesearch2.rtf, sciencesearch3.rtf

Jim Tindall, Wy'east Middle School

    Collaboration Plan (tindall_plan.rtf)

Garnetta Wilker, Lake Oswego Junior High School

    Collaboration Plan (wilker_plan.rtf)

Nancy Woodward, McKay High School, Salem-Keizer SD

    Freshman Orientation and Research Project for the McKay Library (mckaylibary.rtf)

    "What I Already Know" Topic Sheet (what_i_know.rtf)

    "15 Questions I'd Like to Learn" Topic Sheet (15questions.rtf)

    Webbing Diagram (webdiagram.jpg)

    Research Pathfinder Worksheet (rsrch_pathfndr.rtf)

Kay Yechout, Philomath High School

    Collaboration Plan (yechout_plan.rtf)

    Tutorial with Staff, September 1999 (yechout_tutor.rtf)

    OSLIS Research Assignment Worksheet (yechout_assign.rtf)

    Lesson Plans: How Staff members & Media Used OSLIS Successfully (yechout_lp.rtf)