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About Citation Maker

Q: Where can I find Citation Maker?

Citation Maker is found in the Cite My Sources section. There are versions for MLA elementary and MLA and APA secondary

Q: When I save a citation, why does a blank page pop up?

You need to click on the "Create Citation Below" button before you save a citation. Once you see the citation in the dotted box at the bottom of the page, select "Copy All" to paste it into an existing document. Or, choose "Save in Word" or "Save in Google" to open a new document.

Q: May I have permission to include your links for MLA and APA Citation Maker on my website?

The OSLIS website and its resources were created for the use of Oregon K-12 students and teachers. Being a public website, with no authentication required, everybody can use the site and the resources provided, so, yes, you may make the links available on your website. The links to the subscription databases are only for students in Oregon.

Please make sure you cite the OSLIS website as the source. Also, please read our brief statement on the OSLIS Use Policy.

About Find Information Resources

Q: Why can't I get into the databases?

Most of the resources in the Find Information section are subscription based and only available to the Oregon K-12 community. For password information, see below.

Q: How do I log in to the databases from school?

If you are in Oregon, you should be able to access the subscription databases from your school without needing a login. That is because the school's external, static IP addresses are on file. If you are prompted to log in, ask your school library staff to contact the School Library Consultant at the State Library of Oregon.

Q. How do I log in to the databases from home?

A user name and password are required for remote or home access to the databases. Oregon students and educators, contact your school library personnel for that information. Library staff, please contact the School Library Consultant at the State Library of Oregon.

About OSLIS in General

Q: May I have permission to include your website link on our webpage?

Yes. For detailed information, please refer to the OSLIS Use Policy.

Q: What is OSLIST?

OSLIST is an electronic mailing list for receiving announcements about OSLIS and its resources, including tips for using them. It is a one-way list, and members receive no more than five messages per month. Educators and library staff may subscribe on your own or contact the School Library Consultant at the State Library of Oregon.

Q: Do I need a user name and password for accessing OSLIS?

The OSLIS website was created for use by Oregon K-12 students and teachers. As a public website with no authentication required, anyone can use the site and most of its resources. However, a user name and password are required for remote access to the subscription databases, which means accessing them outside of school. Contact your school library staff for this information. Library staff, please contact the School Library Consultant at the State Library of Oregon.

Q: How do I report a broken link on the site?

Please stay on the page with the broken link. Click on "Feedback" at the very top right or bottom center of the page. The form that pops up will automatically include the URL to the page that has the problem. Fill out the form and click on "Submit." Thank you for helping us keep OSLIS up to date.

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