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March 17, 2008

Another OSLIS 2.0 Update
Hi folks,
Thank you so much for your patience as we've faced some tough technical issues in the past week with the deployment of OSLIS 2.0.  This morning the OSLIS server was being accessed so much that the CPU usage was up to 102% thus dropping some folks from access.  Our best guess is that it was bots for search engines.

As of Sunday, our statistics tracking software has indicated that in the past week referring sites have numbered over 26,000 visits, search engines almost 10,000 and over 14,000 in direct traffic. The site is very busy and we are trying to quickly address issues related to that!
Tonight we are going to fix an issue with Citation Maker. You should notice NO changes.  If you have bookmarked Citation Maker on the new site, you should be forwarded immediately to the new location.  If you  haven't bookmarked it, the new address will be the permanent one so go ahead and use it. I'll fix all the internal references to Citation Maker's web address tomorrow after the reorganization tonight and add it to the main site's instructions.  If you go to any of the specific sites:
elementary, secondary, elementary educator or secondary educator, the Citation Maker links in the Resources box will be correct.
A HUGE thanks to those who have reported issues via the Feedback link.  Your help has been invaluable to improve users' OSLIS 2.0 experiences.  Creating tutorials is still high on the to do list once these deployment issues have been resolved.
Again, the OSLIS team appreciates your patience and support!!!