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May 13, 2008

Corrections OSLIS 2.0

Hi folks,

1-Citation Maker’s recent issue has been corrected.  If you run into problems, you should clear the cache on your machine in order to not receive an older version with the error.  A description of how to clear cache on various computers and browsers can be found at:

Secondary users should now be receiving a CM that is listed as Secondary Citation Maker.


2-On another note, we’ve had to turn off the registration piece for a bit as there was a problem that needed to be eliminated to resolve some other issues.  Ongoing troubleshooting!  It will be back up as soon as the error is corrected.  Any currently registered users will not be affected by the error.


3-I have enjoyed working at the State Library for the past few years as their school library consultant.  In late June I will be returning to retirement.  The position will be refilled.  Watch for the job posting  at  and also on the OASL listserv.  Details of the job are still in process.


Thanks for your patience.  I know it is difficult at the end of a school year to not have everything just fall into place with such limited time to complete projects!