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November 19, 2008

EBSCOhost Updates

Here is some information about recent updates to EBSCO and the EBSCOhost interface.

An EBSCO rep enabled a new full text feature which provides immediate access to free journals co-hosted through HighWire Press.  When a user does a search and a related full text article is available from HighWire, a link will appear in the result list allowing the user to connect to the document from the publisher site.  Basically, users have access to even more full text scholarly articles than before, especially in the subject area of science.  

Also, in response to feedback from customers, the EBSCOhost interface has had several updates. 

  • A new Image Quick View limiter replaces the Articles With Images limiter
  • The Image Quick View limiter includes multiple sort options by image type.

Can I limit my EBSCOhost search results to articles that have Image Quick View available? (

Can I set the Image Quick View limiter to display under Limit your results on the EBSCOhost Result List screen? (

  • Direct link to the Basic Search Screen from both the Basic and Advanced Search Screens
  • Keyword renamed New Search
  • Result List mouse over text changed from Refine Search to Search Modes and Limiters
  • Entire phrase for cited references on Result List replaces the number of references in parentheses
  • Search mode specified on Result List green bar
  • Search History View Results anchor positioning improved
  • Date Slider Bar with original search date ranges

How do I use the Date Slider feature in EBSCOhost?


  • Additional Help link added to Choose Databases Screen

Visit EBSCO's support site ( to download Flash tutorials, Help Sheets, or User Guides.




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