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February 5, 2010

Best Way to Contact Gale


I’ve mentioned this in other emails, but I want to outline the best way to contact Gale when you need technical support related to the databases in our statewide contract.

First, see if your question can be answered through the Gale support site for Oregon libraries  From there you can download MARC records for eBooks, register library IP addresses, get help configuring firewalls and proxies, and more.  Or, use the Need Additional Information contact form to make your request.

If you want to email Gale directly, do not use their generic tech support address.  Instead, use and start your subject line with "Oregon."  This will help the person on the receiving end direct the email to the consortium installs group that has been briefed about the specifics of the Oregon contract.  (The part about adding “Oregon” to the subject line is a new suggestion from folks at Gale.)

Finally, if you prefer to call Gale, be sure to mention that you are part of the Oregon statewide contract since there is no direct line to the consortium installs group.  1-800-877-4253 (press 4) 

This information can also be found on the Gale support site for Oregon libraries and OSL’s Statewide Database Licensing Program page.

You might be asked for your location ID, which is just your Gale user name.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Library Development
Oregon State Library
250 Winter Street NE
Salem, OR  97301-3950