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February 8, 2010

New Solution for IE Problem When Using Gale thru OSLIS


Please pardon the cross-posting.

Despite many updates from Gale and despite the fact that my IE testing now shows no problems, it seems that some folks are still getting error messages when using Internet Explorer to access Gale. 

As a result, I changed all of the Gale links on the Find Information pages.  Instead of opening within the OSLIS framework, they now open in a new window.  That should solve the IE problem, and as a bonus, eliminate double scroll bars. 

All non-Gale resources on the Find Information pages still open within the OSLIS framework (L-Net, etc.).  That’s a happy medium that should do two things:  offer a resolution to the persistent Gale / IE problem while helping us remain true to the grant that funds OSLIS.  We are funded as an information literacy website, not just a portal to subscription databases, so we try to keep users inside the OSLIS framework whenever possible.

Also, the OSLIS committee decided to feature the Gale Virtual Reference Library and the Health & Wellness Resource Center on the secondary Find Information page based on high usage of those databases. 

If you experience technical problems when using Gale, please let me know.  It would be great if you could send a screenshot or the text of the error messages you receive.  Also let me know which browser and version you are using. 

Thanks for your patience with this, and please help spread the word.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Library Development
Oregon State Library
250 Winter Street NE
Salem, OR  97301-3950