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October 19, 2010

Gale Tip: Bookmarking Articles, Searches, Publications, & Saved Items

When you access a resource via the Gale databases, you can create a bookmark, or a stable link that leads back to that resource, and easily share it with students, staff, or parents.  Others can then click on the bookmark URL and enter your school or district’s Gale password to be directed to the resource you want to share.  This is a great way to share an article with your principal, disseminate the latest research on brain development to teachers, or share a great tip with parents via your electronic school newsletter.  When you see a yellow star or an image of dogeared page on pages within the Gale databases, you know can set up a bookmark to get back to that spot.                   

Julie Pepera is the Gale trainer who did the Gale portion of the OSLIS session at the OASL conference a few weeks ago.  She did a super job, and her session was very well-received.  Julie sent me a PowerPoint and a PDF that explain the advantages of bookmarking and the 4 best levels/places within a Gale search to bookmark.  Feel free to use the resources to teach your staff and students about bookmarking in Gale.

The PowerPoint and PDF can be accessed from the teacher content areas of both educator Find Information pages on OSLIS.  Click on either link and scroll to the very bottom of the page.

While you’re in the teacher content area, take a look at the document called Gale K12 Database Comparison.  It explains 9 of the databases that are most relevant for K12 users.

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