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July 8, 2011

Changes to Gale PowerSearch & InfoTrac Databases

Gale updated the interface for PowerSearch and the InfoTrac databases.

What Changed? 

There are many new features and/or changes.  This is a partial list:

  • Content types for search results now display in a column on the left instead of in tabs across the top.
  • Search assist was enhanced.
  • Read Speaker can now read non-English documents.
  • And more
Which Databases are Affected? 

The PowerSearch interface and all databases in the InfoTrac family have been updated.  This includes Academic OneFile, Educator's Reference Complete, General OneFile, Health Reference Center Academic, Informe, InfoTrac Junior, InfoTrac Newsstand, InfoTrac Student, Popular Magazines, and more.

Overview of Changes 

You can view a PowerPoint and an 8-minute video that explain the changes and additions.  Both are found under Presentations at the bottom of this page:


You can view updated database tutorials on the webpage listed above.  Or, scan for the label "New Interface" in red font under PowerSearch on Gale's Guided Tutorials support page to find the same updated tutorials:  Note that it can take a couple of minutes for videos to load.

Webinars / Training Calendar 

I see on Gale's national training calendar that there is a PowerSearch webinar on July 13th at 11am Pacific Time and one on July 25th at 7am Pacific Time.  I'm sure there will be more in August, as all Gale customers will be moved to the new PowerSearch version by August 1st.  Recall that the 1-hour trainings are free, but you must register ahead of time.  Pay attention to time zones.  To get to the calendar, go to, and click on the orange bubble labeled Training Calendar at the bottom of the center column.


If you have problems with PowerSearch or any of the InfoTrac databases as a result of today's migration, please contact Gale customer support at or (800) 877-4253 (press 4).

Questions?  Please ask.


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Oregon State Library
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