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April 22, 2015

New Statewide Database: Legal Information Reference Center

Legal Information Ref Center


EBSCO's Legal Information Reference Center Now Available
The State of Oregon Law Library (SOLL) has subscribed to EBSCO's Legal Information Reference Center (LIRC) on behalf of all Oregonians. This resource is not part of the State Library’s statewide database license, but because it is available to everyone in Oregon, we have permission to promote it and to add a link on OSLIS.   

Content & Audience
The database contains a large number of NOLO legal reference books and various legal forms. NOLO publications are books on common legal topics aimed at non-lawyers, and they are a good resource for people looking to get a handle on common legal problems. They might also be useful resources for high school students studying business, finance, law, etc.

Access and Login
There are at least three access points. Oregonians can go directly to the database link or to the link on the SOLL legal resources page. Today I added a Legal Information Reference Center link at the bottom of the secondary student Find Information page on OSLIS. Since all student content displays on the equivalent educator pages, that means the database is also accessible from the secondary educator Find Information page. I also added access to the bottom of the elementary educator Find Information page, in an area that does not display on the student version of the page.

Library staff, you are free to link this legal resource to your website and to encourage people to use it.

Since Legal Information Reference Center is an EBSCO database, look on EBSCO’s support pages for help with the product. There is a tutorial, and occasionally LIRC online training is offered. You can also search for database-related help right from EBSCO support’s homepage. Or, if people need more assistance with this and other legal resources, they can contact their local county law library or the State of Oregon Law Library.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library