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February 8, 2016

Logins for OSLIS Resources

Hi. Howdy. Hola. There seems to be confusion about when you need a login to access OSLIS resources and which login to use.  Here’s my attempt at clarifying. :-)

OSLIS itself is a website freely available to anyone with Internet access – no login required. As a matter of fact, folks in North Carolina often account for up to 10% of monthly traffic on OSLIS because they are heavy users of Citation Maker.

Three subscription resources on OSLIS are only available to Oregon users. Because each subscription product is from a different vendor, each has a different login.

The login for the information literacy eBooks from Cherry Lake, found in the Learn to Research section, is shared statewide, which means it is the same for everyone in the Oregon K-12 community. The OSLIS postcard we recently mailed lists the eBook login.

For the Gale databases, in the Find Information section, the login is district-wide. That means all schools in the same district share the same login. Private schools have their own Gale login. Library staff can register district’s or private school’s IP external, static IP addresses with Gale for automatic access when at school. Everyone needs to use a login to access the Gale databases when away from school.

For access to LearningExpress Library, which is also in the Find Information section, users start from the LEL link on OSLIS and then click on Register to create their own accounts. Users have individual logins because they need a place to store tests and other materials.

For those in Oregon, you are welcome to share login information widely, including via email within your school or district and by posting on intranets, but to honor vendor contracts, please do not post logins on public-facing websites.

If you have questions or if you need to know a login, please ask.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library