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September 16, 2015

Tip Sheets about Gale's Integration with Google Apps


I just found out that while the Google integration feature is available in Opposing Viewpoints In Context, Student Resources In Context, and U.S. History In Context, it won't be available in Research In Context until October.

Also, there are now two tip sheets about Google integration for In Context databases, instead of just one. Each explains how to use the feature and includes screenshots. In just 5 minutes of browsing these overviews, you will understand the capability of the Google integration feature. They would be good to share with specific teachers, too. Both can be found here:

  • Gale to Google Path – Google Drive Integration
  • Gale to Google Path – Google Classroom Integration

Gale's original press release about Google integration in In Context databases noted this: "To improve student productivity, increase engagement and foster collaboration among all of its users, Gale will roll out similar apps, authentication and tools for other product families this fall, including Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL), InfoTrac, Kids InfoBits and more." I learned from a Gale rep that their estimated timeline for Google integration to be available in Kids InfoBits is mid-December. Currently, Gale has no timeline for adding it to National Geographic Kids.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library