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September 3, 2015

Gale's In Context Databases Integrate with Google Apps

Gale has added cool new functionality to their In Context databases – they now integrate with Google Apps like Google Drive and Google Classroom. As part of our statewide database contract, Oregon’s K-12 community has access to the following products that have this new feature: Research In Context (middle school), Student Resources In Context (high school), Opposing Viewpoints In Context (MS & HS), and U.S. History In Context (MS & HS). To use it, simply access any In Context database and use the link at the top of the page to sign in to your Google account. Then download a Gale article, notes, or citations to Google Drive or instantly share to Google Classroom. For a quick overview, read the tip sheet called Gale to Google Path: Google Drive Integration. Or, participate in a free webinar about any In Context database and see the feature in action. Better yet, come to the Gale session for secondary at the OASL Fall Conference. According to a press release, Gale plans to add this functionality to most of their other databases over time. Please let teachers and students know about this way to connect library resources to users’ workflow.