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September 15, 2016

10 Research Video Tutorials Now Available on OSLIS


The Learn to Research section of OSLIS is designed to help students to…well…learn how to do research. :-) Besides the content that outlines the research process, there are worksheets and information literacy eBooks. (Ask for the shared statewide eBook login.) Now, on the secondary site, there are 10 video tutorials that address a variety of research concepts and skills. Each video is 4 to 6 minutes long.

How to Access the Video Tutorials
The master lists can be found in the Resources box when you click on any of the 6 steps of the secondary research process, whether on the student or educator version of the site.

Master List, Alphabetical

            Secondary Students:

            Secondary Educators:

Master List, By Step of the Research Process

            Secondary Students:

            Secondary Educators:

The videos appear in OSLIS but stream from Vimeo. In case Vimeo is blocked in your school or district, there are also options to watch the tutorials through TeacherTube and YouTube. [Update on 11/4/16: After we added links, we removed the TeacherTube options because of how they interrupt videos with ads.]

Topics Covered in the Video Tutorials


With permission, OSLIS committee members started with the excellent scripts from tutorials produced by the now defunct Collaborative Library Instruction Project (CLIP), which was led by a volunteer group of academic librarians in Oregon. Then the OSLIS committee edited the scripts to make them suitable for secondary students. Using OSLIS grant money, we hired a professional to turn each script into a narrated video tutorial with a combination of animation and screen captures. The ten resulting tutorials are available from master lists and from the relevant steps in the Learn to Research section for secondary students and educators. During this school year, the OSLIS committee will create some secondary scripts from scratch to cover additional topics and will begin the process of modifying some of the tutorials so they can be used with elementary students.

Questions? Please ask. You can also ask in person at the OSLIS session during the OASL Fall Conference.

Please help spread the word.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library