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August 15, 2018

Back-to-School Video from Gale


I hope you had a nice summer. 

The folks at Gale created a 2-minute video designed to let parents and students know that they have access to a suite of Gale databases through OSLIS. The video is great for middle and high school levels, and possibly at the upper elementary level, too. 

Feel free to include the video in parent newsletters and other communications or to ask teachers to do so, to post the link on your library or school website, to post the link on school or district social media accounts, etc. 

If you write a short blurb related to the video, you might want to include your Gale login information, although please remember that logins cannot be posted on a public-facing website. 

Because I know you’re extra busy right now, below is a very short article that you can personalize, change, or ignore. ;-) 

If you have questions, please ask. 


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
State Library of Oregon

Back to School with Gale and OSLIS
Parents, did you know that your child has access to a suite of Gale periodicals databases through OSLIS? Not sure what a periodicals database is? Basically, it’s a collection of thousands of articles and images from reference books, magazines, newspapers, and journals that students can use for assignments, research papers, and personal interests. Watch this 2-minute video to find out more: To access the Gale databases, go to This is the Gale database login: _____________ (username) & ______________ (password). Questions? Please contact ______________________.


[If you share this video at the elementary level, use this URL for “access the Gale databases, go to:”]