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February 26, 2020

Please Promote OSLIS with Teachers & Counselors in Your School


Marlene Lee, chair of the OSLIS committee, and I are asking you for a favor. We would like your help to spread the word about OSLIS to your teachers.

Knowing that you are busy, we tried to make it easy by creating a Google doc with sample emails based on teachers’ grade levels and subject areas. Each sample email explains what OSLIS is and includes a link to a flyer with ideas about how to use it. For secondary teachers, Gale and LearningExpress Library flyers are also linked. (Flyer links are called out in bold orange text in the sample emails). 

All you need to do is copy and paste the text of one of the sample emails and send it to the appropriate teachers. Then repeat as needed for other groups. Use the outline feature in the Google doc to quickly jump to a specific sample email -- click on View / Show Document Outline. Of course, you are welcome to personalize the message. 

Before sending the email, you may want to make two small changes in the “OSLIS is free” paragraph:

  • Change “(ask me!)” to your actual Gale username and password. If you need that information, please ask.  
  • If you are in a private school, change “the name of our school district” to “the name of our private school.” 

Thanks for promoting OSLIS and its resources. If you have questions, please ask.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
State Library of Oregon